The Property Development & Renovation Process

  1. Need / Problem Investigation
    • Inspection, testing and investigation plan, designate experts
    • Owner’s input and execution of the expert’s proposals
    • Perform inspections, testing and investigation work
    • Evaluation of the results and the experts’ opinions and recommendations
    • Ballpark estimate and financial feasibility review
  2. Scope of Work and Conceptual Design, Budget, and Schedule
    • Scope of work and design development plan, designate design/engineering professionals
    • Owner’s input and execution of design/engineering proposals
    • Complete the scope of work and conceptual design
    • Develop a conceptual cost and schedule estimate, designate preliminary contractors
    • Solicitation and evaluation of financing options
    • Owner’s input and finalization of the scope, design, budget and schedule
  3. Construction Documents, Budget and Schedule
    • Document production plan and schedule, designate the “Design Team” (Architect, Engineers) and possibly the General Contractor
    • Owner’s input, execution of the Design Team’s contracts
    • Twenty to fifty percent complete documents, distribution for comments
    • Cost and schedule estimate; Value Engineering (VE); and constructability and performance review
    • Owner’s input, comments and sign-off on work completed to date
    • Complete the construction documents
    • Complete the budget and schedule
    • Confirm financing and feasibility
    • Owner’s input, comments and requested adjustments
  4. Permits
    • Permit(s) acquisition plan, designate a permit processor and other consultants
    • Owner’s input, execution of consultant’s proposals, payment of plan check fees
    • Submit completed construction documents for approval, address plan checker’s comments, complete the plan check process
    • Budget, schedule and financing check
    • Owner’s comments
  5. Complete the Work
    • Secure financing
    • Purchasing and work plan, selection of the contractor(s)
    • Quality control, testing and inspection plan, selection of consultants
    • Budget and schedule check, execution of contracts
    • Payment of permit(s) and other improvement fees
    • Notice to proceed
    • Construction administration
    • Final completion, occupancy and contract(s) close-out

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