Construction Management (CM) Services

Property Development & Renovation Assistance

  • Master Planning including Phasing, Relocation and Access
  • Scope of Work Development (Owner’s Expectations) and Monitoring its Implementation
  • Budget and Schedule Development and Monitoring
  • Pre-construction
  • Procurement, Contracting Delivery Options, and Contract Negotiating
  • Selection of Design/Engineer Consultants and Contractors
  • Permitting and Governing Agency Approval Process Management
  • Public Utilities Coordination and Monitoring
  • Project Document Reviews
  • Cost Savings and Value Engineering (VE) Reviews
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Work Plan Development and Review
  • Quality Control Plan Development and Monitoring
  • Special Inspection and Testing Scope of Work Establishment, Procurement and Management
  • Job Progress Monitoring and Payment Review
  • Contracts and Permits Closeouts, Claims Resolution
  • Fixtures, Furniture, & Equipment (FF&E) procurement/Management and Move-in Coordination
  • Insurance Claims (Management of Repairs and Processing Claims)

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All photos on this website are from Fred Nolta's experience performing a significant role in their construction or forensic analysis.